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Welcome to IceBlade.

After making allot of profile layouts for people, I've decided to make some layout generators. At first I only made a really simple one, but it covers most aspects and it's allot better than using one of the myspace generator. Recently I've added an advanced generator as well. It covers almost all aspects of profile customization. Adding more features would make it too unwieldy and it would require more advanced coding to make it user friendly than what I currently have.

I'm planning to add some more features to the generator, like adding a preview option and integrating photobucket more. These items are very time consuming though, so they won't be done anytime soon. I also plan to change the format as to use tabs to make it more user friendly, but I'll have to learn a bit of Java Script first before attempting it.

If you have any comments or advice or you just want a more advanced layout please don't hesitate to send me a message in the contact us section.

Take care